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Questions & Answers

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In essence, it is a set of tools and techniques that allow your website to look great in the eyes of such search engines as Google, Bing and other and as a result - be shown earlier in search results than other websites. The importance of SEO is hard to overestimate beccause it gives you an organic competitive advantage drawing more visitors and as a goal - more clients. 

My website was never optimized. Can it be too late now?

It is never too late because Google and other search engines checks your website on a regular basis. Even if the frequency of such checks is low, ther eis a manual fetch tool that invites Google to check your website again - but this time - fully optimized and shining bright. 

What exactly is optimized?

When you are after full optimization of your website, every single aspect is taken into account: coding, styling, wording, content, images and other uploaded files. SEO effects your loading speed, structure and many other aspects - you will really enjoy discovering this as we go. Alternatively, if you want it to be done silentlywith minimum questions asked - we will do exactly like that. You tell us what you want - we give you the result. Period.

Will I be able to track changes in the amount of visitors?

Yes. We will install a Google Analytics dashboard for you that will allow you to see the amount of visitors, their geography, demographics, sex, age and more (unless you already have one). It will give you a full overview of who visits your website and allow to evaluate the content and change it accordingly if needed.

What is so special about LoveinLions and why should we choose you?

LoveinLions is not a regular type of agency that you might have met. We are a small family business taking on a limited number of jobs to make sure that we keep up with fantastic business relations with our partners and clients. We enjoy what we do which is why we make everything possible to make sure that our partners enjoy it, too. We are devoted to your success and are not limited with business hours to reach it. Try us first and make your conclusions after. We promise that you will be satisfied - after all everything we do we do with love.

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