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Are you a blogger regularly sharing on Pinterest?


Do you need trendy and slick vertical images daily?


We can design them for you - every day 7 days a week!

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Questions & Answers

Are the images exclusive?

Yes, 100%. We will design your Pinterest images exclusively, so noone else will have the same pins. We have a massive database of fonts, graphic elements that we will use together with your images. So, if you are a food blogger, all we need is 1 (min) to 3 (max) images of your dish and we will do the rest.

How quickly can I get my Pinterest image?

We commit to having your first Pinterest image ready within 48 hours from the time you upload your photos to the cloud - easy as that! 

Can I prepay for a certain amount of images or do I pay one-by-one?

If you are blogging regularly and need Pinterest images daily you may purchase a bundle of 60 or 120 images. If you just need to make a few pins you can purchase a certain amount of images separately with a minimum of 10 images. If you need a larger amount of pins or a special schedule, please contact us to discuss.

Can you help with uploading the images to the website?

Yes, we can help you every step of your way. For example, we can teach you how to add a vertical image to your blog post andhide it. This way it will not appear int the actual post but will be revealed when someone wants to pin your page - for no additional cost. If you do not want to hide the image then it is as simple as uploading it to your blog post and Pinterest will pick it up when someone shares your page. Alternatively, if you do not want to deal with uploading, too, we can take care of that for you as well as of many other things - please check out our Website Maintenance services for more information or Contact Us with any quesitons that you might have.

What is so special about LoveinLions and why do we choose you?

LoveinLions is not a regular type of agency that you might have met. We are a small family business taking on a limited number of jobs to make sure that we keep up with fantastic business relations with our partners and clients. We enjoy what we do which is why we make everything possible to make sure that our partners enjoy it, too. We are devoted to your success and are not limited with business hours to reach it. Try us first and make your conclusions after. We promise that you will be satisfied - after all everything we do we do with love.

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