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  • 3 Dazzle Jewels



3 Dazzle Jewels

3 Dazzle Jewels is a custom fashion jewelry seller specializing in affordable and luxurious jewelry imported from around the world.


  • The Green Room


The Green Room

The Green Room has been designed by creatives for creatives. It is a smart-phone App that acts as a networking tool for cast, crew and creatives in the film and screen production communities.

The Green Room thus makes it easier for them to connect with like-minded peers, the right project, gig or crew that suits their ambitions, budgets, production needs, tastes and passion.


  • Athenson86th


Athens on 86th

Join owner Tina Konduris and her family for authentic Greek food prepared with love, served with joy at the local Greek restaurant in Indianapolis Athens on 86th.

From the typical gyros to lamb that rocks to fresh seafood, you'll find something for every age and tastebud at this Hidden Gem tucked away on the Northwest side of Indianapolis.


  • No Student Down


No Student Down

NoStudentDown was created to help students who feel overwhelmed & stressed due to study and exams. Easy-to-follow programs bring students the support they need to achieve great results stress-free.

NoStudentDown mission is to help students all over the world achieve great results stress-free while also learning valuable lessons, tips and life hacks to become more balanced and resilient.


  • Dishes Delish


Dishes Delish

DishesDelish.com food blog is a great place to find all types of delicious recipes – appetizers, salads, soups, desserts, cocktails, Mexican cuisine, Vegetarian … you name it!

It is a great source to get tips on resources you need to be a food blogger, kitchen tools that are easy to use when creating food masterpieces and many more. 


  • Senior Solutions Consulting

At Senior Solutions Consulting, the focus is on assisting families with crisis long term care planning. SSC have been central Indiana’s only dedicated firm specializing in nursing home (Medicaid) and Veteran’s benefits since 2000.

Since 2000, SSC have gained benefit approval for over 1000 families for Nursing Home/Medicaid and over 1500 veteran’s families. 



  • Vicki Gianakos-Griesel, Senior Solutions Consulting, Inc.

    A huge thank you to Vladi & Helena from LIL Creative Digital Agency for the beautiful and easily navigated website they created for Senior Solutions Consulting. Their talent and abilities were well beyond expectations. They were able to take our rather disorganized ideas and put them into a pleasing and wonderfully functional website. I would highly recommend them to anyone for website, design, audit, SEO and other digital work. We love our new website!

  • Helena Recipes


Helena Recipes

Helena is a passionate food writer, cook and food photographer sharing her knowledge on HelenaRecipes.com. Helena is very excited to share all of her food adventures with people around the globe in her regular food recipe blog.

Whether it is entrées, main courses, appetizers or desserts – Helena cooks it all! It means that you can find all of these goodies on her blog. Bon appetit!


  • IndyBOOMER



IndyBOOMER connects IndyBOOMER Magazine, BOOMER TV and BOOMER Radio providing useful information to Baby Boomers living in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

IndyBOOMER articles, shows and podcasts are upbeat and positive, focus on lifestyle issues, are short, and are of broad interest to the target audience.


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