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Questions & Answers

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free tool that allows you to make money fmro placing ads on your website. It is available to everyone but you do need to qualify to be able to do it. We will take you through the whole process of applying to placing ads on your website. Alternatively, we can do everything for you - easy as that!

I don't want irrelevant ads. Can I control that?

Absolutely. We will go through the topics you want Google to show on your website and exclude the ones you don't. As a result, Google will show high-quality content that is relevant to your visitors no matter if they view it from their laptops, tablets or phones. That way you can make money even when the visitors of your website are travelling - how cool is that?!

Can I choose the size of Google ads?

Yes. We will make sure that the ads that your website shows are of the size that you need - either fixed or responsive. 

How will I be able to get money out of it?

Having become a part of the Google ads world, you will have a Google AdSense account that you are then able to connect to the payment method of your choice. Once all steps to get paid are completed (and we will make sure that you have a check on all of them) Google will issue payments the 21st and 26th of each month. Exciting, huh?!

What is so special about LoveinLions and why should I choose you?

LoveinLions is not a regular type of agency that you might have met. We are a small family business taking on a limited number of jobs to make sure that we keep up with fantastic business relations with our partners and clients. We enjoy what we do which is why we make everything possible to make sure that our partners enjoy it, too. We are devoted to your success and are not limited with business hours to reach it. Try us first and make your conclusions after. We promise that you will be satisfied - after all everything we do we do with love.

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