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Life is all about new things that happen to us every day – no matter how small or big they are. The thing is, we don’t usually notice them… because of how busy we are, or how much we expect from our future. We work hard to reach our goals, and we don’t notice the time we are using for it.

To realize how great your life is – make note of every new thing that happens to you. Most importantly, do it daily. Whether you are a travel addict or spend most of your time at home – there will always be something new you will have done or tried.

Below is our list of the first time we did something. Updated daily.

Join us by creating yours – tag your posts with @LoveinLions #FirstTimeWe #FTW on social media and make your every day count.

P.S. Tap the “+” sign to expand a year.

2022 - First time we...
Nothing here yet…
2021 - When Light meets darkness
18...played with an unknown dog
17...made friends at night
16...tried Trás-os-Montes vinho
15...couldn't breathe from dust
14...stopped by at a local tasquinha
13...got 100 newsletter subscribers
12...built something from cork
11...called for an elevator with a pin
10...applied two types of silicon on top of one another
9...cleaned a drain pipe
8...lost two meter measures in a row
7...planted roses
6...combined two swimming styles into one
5...sowed plants outside
4...danced to Tennessey Whiskey
3...found out everything about expansion anchors
2...watched hornets collecting pollen
30...Duolingo approved our suggestion 🙂
29...started caring about plants
28...bought a rose tree
27...tried picanha
26...had a lunch at Courense
25...worked with tiles
24...were the last to walk out from Leroy Merlin
23...went to a junta
22...a supermarket paid us 🙂
21...spoke with the Google team
20...tried Douro wine from Mercadona
19...bought all the accessories for wine drinking
18...tried Churrasco à Brasileira
17...had a very unstasty strawberry-pineapple juice (who would have thought?!)
16...were lost in guesses
14...returned a purchase 1 minute after buying it
13...found a skillet with a 25-years guarantee
12...fixed the entrance gate
11...tried vinho verde from Mercadona
9...ordered a pizza familiar
8...had a padaria owner recommend us choosing certain cookies over other
7...stressed more than too much
6...went to a centro de saude
5...discovered such a thing as TV mount wall
4...used an online ruler
2...took a sitting nap
1...decided to change the provider
31...had bacalhau at City Rio
29...stop by a criossant palace 🙂
28...watched Parks & Recreation show
27...entered a Portuguese giveaway
26...got a nerve play
25...walked in the mist
24...had a proper pizza two days in a row
23...had a proper pizza
22...tried espumante rosé sangria
21...heard about the place we haven't visited yet from three different people
20...were toold for what we needed to do
19...had a night walk this year
18...saw a moon that big
17...sneezed with pills in the mouth
16...kissed underwater
15...tried digestive cookies
14...ate garlic with Okroshka
13...got a present from Continente - truffle chips
12...were driven in an old and then new Mercedes at the same day
11...chose taxi over Uber
10...lost track of days
9...had an Uber driver cancel the trip (very incovenient)
8...we made a post about a lontra
7...found the best croissants in town
5...were greeted by three friendly dogs
4...tried a half-frozen mango
3...crossed a highway 😱 (will never do it again, hopefully)
2...saw an animated piece with a load of wise quotes (Aladdin)
1...listened to old tapes
31...were offered with our usual coffee order
30...tried Pecorino Romano cheese
29...did a skydiving figure underwater
28...ate meat and fish at the same restaurant on two separate occasions
27...Duolingo approved our suggestion 🙂
21...ate meat and fish at the same restaurant on two separate occasions
20...haven't flied our drone for a few months
19...had a camera turn off because of the heat
18...found out what a Persian silk tree is (pink silk tree or albizia julibrissin)
17...got a carnation bouquet
15...visited the updated central market
14...dove together
13...bought an assa chorizo piggy from Barcelos
11...figured out how csv auto-import really works
10...had lunch at Restaurante O Paulo
9...bought Eustoma flowers
8...found a secret parking spot
6...felt that the earth is falling underneath us
5...met a begger speaking 4 different languages
4...had a friendly conversation with a parking inspector
3...spent 15 minutes choosing the dish just to find out the cafe was closed 🙂
2...cancelled a booking
1...smelled someone grilling
30...woke up to the rain
29...tried a trostinha
28...saw after-match penalties in a Euro match (Switzerland - France)
27...had a lunch at the curbside
26...walked over a moving bridge over a river
25...saw the longest hanging bridge in the world - 516 Arouca
24...visited Pasadiços da Paiva and hiked ~10 miles
23...got a camera turned off from overheating
22...used cleaning wipes for a screen
21...started to use a clothes bin
20...noticed that a payment card has a payment system indicated in the back
19...tried kefir by Nestle
18...felt sick from a mask
17...saw Ukraine win in Euro 2021
16...pureed mushroom soup like it's nobody's business
15...saw Portugal win in Euro 2021
14...had a dinner at Caffé Italy
13...started to watch Euro 2021
12...bought gigantic bananas
11...brainstormed like it is nobody's business
10...woke up inspired like never before
9...FB got a member 🥳
8...found out there is a myriad of local bloggers
7...discovered that you can't use Boya mic for moving shots
6...used a dead cat on a camera
5...were annoyed by a dog barking
4...melted chocolate for a yogurt dessert
3...tried a dedicated WordPress hosting
2...were asked to repeat something four times
1...bought wavyleaf sea lavender (limonium sinuatum)
31...watched gardeners plant a big bonsai
30...ordered on Amazon Prime
29...went with friends to Douro
28...used sweet & spicy Teriyaki sauce
27...used a monitor lamp
26...tried a Frango Empada
25...had to leave a building because of the strong mold smell
24...discovered Pedras water
23...had a 12 km strawl on an e-scooter
22...tried a galo at Pedra Furada in Barcelos
21...tried a cake de Madeira
20...saw two storks above us
19...had lunch at Abadia d'Este (exquisite)
18...tried Spanish chocolate
17...found a spot just by looking at the image
16...tried pastéis de Chaves
15...spent a night in a castle
14...visited Chaves and Montalegre
13...drank moscatel espumante
12...baked filo dough with feta
11...had a pastel de nata at Nata Braga
10...were on a floating bridge
9...bought cherries on the road
8...ate gumbos with beetroot
7...started the Kurt Brungardt program
6...talked to a family we didn't know
5...tried alheira pasta
4...had a lunch in Gerês
3...celebrated Easter in the mountains
2...made mini Easter muffins
1...slept with water dripping in a wardrobe
30...got on a swing in the mountains
29...tried a Vietnamese soup
28...filled in the Census
27...forgot a wallet in a car
26...drank 4 cups of coffee in a day
25...woke up to the rain
24...ate a pizza on the rainy night
23...changed our plans
22...had a cheesecake after the lockdown
21...beeped at someone passing by
20...tried a Wok
19...started learning three tenses per verb
18...had a meal near the ocean in the middle of nowhere
17...explored Viana do Castelo to the fullest
16...went to a proper spa
15...saw an abandoned pool
14...forgot about cleaning drives
13...made an omelette with coconut oil
12...had tears from wasabi
11...learnt swimming jargon
10...drank a cup of coffee outside after the lockdown
9...found out that the US and the USSR were 2 km away from each other
8...ate Maria cookies in a hospital
7...bought Zefir
6...made sushi with salami
5...visited Lomar
4...saw a hare (wild rabbit) on Easter!
3...met a Sunrise
2...optimized one recipe together
1...swam 30 laps
31...discovered cheap but good coffee in Mercadona
30...tried a coco cookie in a café
29...watched Bom Jesus turn off its lights in the morning
28...walked the Picoto Park new trilho
27...tried tomato basil crackers from Spain
26...saw elfs in the forest
25...made a whole rabbit
24...booked a hotel 30% cheaper
23...found out about Makro
22...started eating raw garlic
21...watched a show about Bogota
20...saw a sunset at Miradouro Picoto
19...found out about Professor Walter Lewin
18...made an omelette with an octopus
17...saw Bom Jesus turn green lights on
16...made omelette with rabbit
15...took a sun bath
14...made a duck with cherry jam
13...found a new dog-friend - Ryzhyk
12...discovered caça flavor
11...bought 5 spring tulips
10...enjoyed an incredible sunrise
9...tried a pineapple-coconut-banana juice (so good!)
8...got a headache right after entering a building
7...listened to Julio Iglesias all day
6...saw a brown lizzard
5...tried ravioli with truffles and parmesan (yum!)
4...watched Master Chef UK
3...posted a viral video
2...tried Pao de Lo
1...rethought Newton's Second Law
28...made shrimp gumbo
27...tried pitaya
26...tried anona
25...started drinking decaff
24...cooked cauliflower, and it was amazing!
23...were approached for a job
22...learnt what "dribs and drabs" means
21...got pink carnations
20...found out the neighbor's dof barks only after 6am
19...tried haemul pajeon for breakfast, and we really enjoyed it
18...bought dark local honey
17...tried Douro vinho atras de porta
16...received an urgent package 2 months late
15...learnt what saying "Boas Festas" oustide of winter means
14...woke up at 5am
13...discovered curry in hummus
12...ate candy that we were supposed to give as a gift (oops!)
11...found out how camelia flowers look
10...followed a neighbor's car into a garage
9...got back home moments before it started to rain
8...tried roasted hummus
7...watched "When Harry Met Sally" (1989)
6...watched a zombie movie
5...ordered Thai food
4...saw beautiful morning clouds in winter
3...were caught up by the rain on Piccoto
2...found smoked chili cheese
1...bought only what we have planned for, nothing more
31...made sushi with beetroot
30...escaped from a prosecutor
29...tried a curry mango sauce
28...saw a wooden mushroom in the forest
27...watched WandaVision
26...bought a teriyaki sauce
25...tried spicy guacamole
24...learnt the word "abóbora" which means "pumpkin"
23...cooked miso soup at home
22...made cupcakes for a gift
21...tried guaiaba juice
20...cut salmon in perfect fillets
19...enjoyed a nap during lunch
18...started an achievement calendar
17...ate celery all day
16...went to find a stranger without knowing the address
15...used a stamp
14...wore a bugs bunny hoodie
13...stopped drinking tap water
12...started reading the Bible
11...had the same Christmas tree up for the second year in a row
10...stressed out because of staying at home
9...witnessed minus temperatures in Portugal
8...talked to a post worker
7...ate desserts for breakfast
6...received candy from abroad
5...started enjoying coffee with almond milk
4...had to rebuild this file from scratch
3...used a trackpad
2...had a video party
1...met 2021
2020 - What a year!
31-dressed in the same color
30-played a classic Monopoly (almost)
29-discovered Google Earth time travel
28-made a corn dough pizza
27-watched Lethal Weapon (1987)
26-tried clams
25-fixed a dripping sink
24-shucked oysters at home
23-bought oysters
22-made amêijoas at home
21-tried mini schoko kusse (what?!)
20-enjoyed what wasn't real
19-ate restaurant leftovers for breakfast
18-had a great time with amazing people at Tia Isabel
17-broke the lego car after the real car
15-gave Bohemia beer a try
14-tried Bohemia beer
13-assembled working tables
12-tried dragon fruit
11-found Ferrero candides
10-ate blueberries for candies
9-swtiched kefit brands
8-appreciated a bluetooth remote
7-got too many cables
6-listened to a song 10 5 times in a row
5-our phone died in the middle of a conversation
4-enjoyed drinking decaff coffee
3-charged batteries that we had bought many months ago
2-traveled to the outskirts of Braga
1-ate an avocado for 7 days in a row
30-tried the Portuguese Napoleon cake
29-bought a wine gift box
28-got a driver's license confirmation
27-tried a smoothie with spirulina
26-saw huge road works machines
25-enjoyed a strawberry truffle
24-bought electrical food weights
23-tried Bonito fish
21-binge watched The Adventures of Sherlock Homes (1984)
20-started wearing watches that were not working for 6 months
19-saw a real lockdown
18-got a present from a bakery
17-ate a melon in November
16-saw a cat spying on us from a blacony
15-slept in two beds in one night
14-ordered sushi
13-tried Pavlova in Portugal
11-wore summer clothes in November
9-discovered Nogueira area
8-ate at Restaurante Maia, Sameiro
7-spent an hour looking for a receipt
6-blew air out of a radiator
5-scheduled to watch Apple's "One More Thing" event
4-bought chrysanthemums
3-unsent a duplicate greeting 🙂
2-discovered a great spot to shop for flowers
1-went to Fátima (17)
11-took a break from the project (coming back in Nov)
10-saw a fire sky
9-found out what poupanca is in Portugal
8-tried to choose a table but they all shook
7-saw a hedgehog hunting
6-bought a TV antenna to watch local news
5-tasted Solto vinho verde
4-cooked plov in Portugal
3-tried Peru coffee
2-got scared by home loans
1-discovered a new spot to visit at Bom Jesus
31-finished the last season of The Office
30-cancelled our order within the same hour
29-put white tables in the office
28-bought a foreign language dictionary with explanations in the foreign language 😂
27-tried cherry ginja (not homemade yet)
26-fixed a radiator at home
25-tried Polvo Lagareiro cooked to perfection (at Paredão, Apulia)
24-bought carnations
23-swam in the ocean this year
22-enjoyed a Big Bear star constellation from a window
21-made tea from a capsule
20-learned to swim on the back
19-tried Creme Brulee from the store
18-replaced an electric outlet by ourselves
17-saw a famous architect
16-got a key chain
15-started daily yoga
14-went to the pool at night
13-found Aleira in the store
12-visited Maria Bolacha cafe
11-got a temporary scar from noodles
9-swam in the mountain waterfall
8-shazam'ed a song that played kms away from our balcony
7-used Via Verde to park (the gate opens by itself!)
6-took a tourist map in Braga
5-went to a different town for dinner
4-visited Santuário da Penha
3-tried a true Aleira (yummy)
2-went to a dentist in Europe
1-met a person who lived above a restaurant
31-tried India coffee
30-had an "almoco" in the receipt (not specific dishes)
29-visited Cascata Fecha de Barjas (Tahiti)
28-drank sangrias branco amd espumante in Cafe Viana
27-tried grilled mussels and limpets
26-took hotel slippers home
25-swam in a pool by ourselves early in the morning
24-tried Ovos Moles de Aveiro dessert
23-visited a porcelain plant Vista Alegre founded in 1824
22-visited an oysters farm
21-searched for pink flamingoes (haven't found them yet)
20-saw a river go dry in 30 minutes and then come back in no time
19-visited A Cabana in Apulia
18-went to Apulia in the backseat
17-atried Bolos de Berlim in Viana Do Castelo
16-got a line ticket in Continente with #0
15-tried Campos do Minnho vinho verde (good)
14-walked from home to a shopping center
13-were the only people in a restaurant
12-fixed headlights ourselves
11-felt relieved
10-watched The Office in a different language
9-had milk and cheese dinners three nights in a row
8-used a car part from another car
7-experienced a true Portuguese summer
6-enjoyed vinho verde in the hotel's restaurant
5-had antifreeze got out of the car completely
4-ate at Mouralha in Barcelos
3-celebrated the 60th birthday
2-fixed antifogs on our own
1-visited the opening of Aldi
30-got to see Picoto
29-tried butter with herbs
28-bought a thermos
27-made pulled chicken
26-bought meat in a local shop
25-bought fish in a small local shop
24-drank a Porrais douro wine
23-found out there is head bob genre in music
22-watched a Knives Out movie
21-found a royalty-free music website
20-had to deal with unsuspending an old Twitter account
19-met a sunset with a glass of moscatel
18-a veggie shop nearby
17-discovered beautiful Lantanas
16-got sick of forums
15-built a YouTube strategy
14-our car started mixing oil with antifreeze
13-tried Adega de Monção vinho verde wine
12-bought gigantic frozen blueberries
11-ordered two Whoppers with BBQ sauce
10-watched Coherence (2012)
9-used a disccount code in IKEA
8-saw a blooming jacaranda in Portugal
7-finished reading Steve McClatchy's "From Urgent to Important"
6-tried Portuguese sangria
5-decided not to watch the season finale of the show
4-returned things to the store
3-bought clothes without trying them on
2-sanitized our hands 12 times in a day
1-had a coffee after the quarantine
31-saw a fort at the border
30-tried a watermelon from Marocco
29-cleaned a carpet from smells
28-cooked a big piece of tuna
27-used hand sanitizer activated with a foot
26-tried coffee from Kenya
25-saw horses in the wild
24-visited Peneda and Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Peneda
23-bought cherries off roadside
22-tried Bom Bocado
21-our suggestion for a plugin went live globally
20-watched John Wick
19-summer cleaned at 11pm
18-tried Amarães vinho verde
17-tried guava juice
16-ended up at a big sale
15-tried to get rid of mould on a curtain
14-tried Neste bonbons
13-found out about spinal waves
12-mastered cutting an avocado
11-came up with a family sauce
10-started a course by Kurt
9-really felt the Day of Victory
8-received a photo dated 1945
7-got Mavic Pro settings right
6-made green mashed potatoes
5-did yoga before getting out of bed
4-tried cheese samples
3-wrote to John Krasinski's SGN
2-watched Jack Ryan
1-made grilled chicken in the oven
April📺First Time We...
30-tried Amora jam
29-took down a mouldy bed
28-bought honey from wild mountain flowers
27-celebrated spring
26-made a phone stand out of box handle
25-made risotto with cuttlefish ink
24-had to deal with a leaking water-gas equipment
23-had onion growing in the water
22-had an orchid flourish
21-had two identical watches break
20-started to pay attention to daily water intake
19-found accidentally a 2-stars Michelin restaurant
18-made a paska together
17-finished a language book
16-realized how quickly time goes sthanks to this project
15-re-purposed an iPad
14-got excited about kale more than usually
13-received a lonely package in an elevator
12-celebrated a special day in self-quarantine
11-made the cake Lady's Desire
10-started to drink coffee on the balcony
9-video chatted with someone in France
8-tried Setubal Moscatel
7-finished Sherlock
6-bought food for a month ahead
5-went on a grocery run after 21 days in self-quarantine
4-made DIY face masks
3-fixed a gas pump
2-lost interest in Xaomi
1-bought mayonnaise this year
March📰First Time We...
30-tried to clean the bed from the mold (no luck)
29-extended a contract via phone
28-registered a discount card online
27-received a blog comment
26-spent two weeks in a row on quarantine
24-saw The Eagle Huntress
23-made a gigantic pancake (pizza-like)
22-found the vlogger who searches for WC in every episode
21-chose the music for salads
20-restored all of the music we wrote 10 years ago
19-finished The Office season 9
18-made carrot scones
17-got sick amidst the pandemic
16-shopped for groceries early morning
15-found a hidden town on a rock
14-took a nap two days in a row
13-cleaned the bed from mould
12-visited Povoa de Lanhoso and Castelo de Lanhoso
11-went to the gym early in the morning
10-covered the room with soda
9-heard about Coronavirus
8-did spring cleaning
7-drank capuccino in the complete mist
6-found North without compass
5-tried Dao wine
4-battled fungus. We will win.
3-decluttered like two pros
2-had Tejo wine
1-posted a selfie in 2020
February🌧️First Time We...
29-made a video recipe in 2020
28-binged watched a show
27-drank apple juice from a pack
26-travelled to a dead end in a village
25-helped a friend to move
24-made a mushroom sauce
23-scared a driver
22-visited Ponte de Lima
21-tried 2015 Douro wine
20-had a couple massage
19-met a personal trainer
18-made Beef Wellington
17-compared Alentejo and Douro
16-had a coconut for snack
15-saw live drifting
14-returned a device back to the store
13-generated 8 cups of water out of the air
12-talked to a pro nutritionist
11-got a seat on a sofa in IKEA cafe (finally)
10-accidentally smashed a bottle of Vinho Verde
9-fixed a radiator with silicon (almost)
8-revolutionized everything
7-had a dinner at Grill & Vegetariano
6-discovered a secret of a good wine
5-changed oil in transmission
4-made a smoothie with spinach and banana
3-woke up at 6am sharp
2-tried 2017 Douro wine
1-built a Lego car
JanuaryFirst Time We...
31-bought sheep-shaped slippers
30-bought Vaseline (for lip therapy)
29-made a copy of a car key
28-washed heaps of dishes late night
27-printed our own recipe
26-cooked octopus - Polvo a Lagareiro
25-adjusted our schedule to the weather
24-recorded a recipe in 2020
23-visited the market in Barcelos
22-bought husky-shaped slippers
21-built a small photo studio in the kitchen
20-tried pasteis de nata with cinnamon
19-visited a farmer's market (Feira dos Vinte) at Vila de Prado
18-spoke 2.5 hours on the phone
17-fell asleep watching Brooklyn 99
16-started to watch Brooklyn 99 again
15-spoke to Grandma in the woods and found a dried mushroom
14-found out that fazenda is "fabrics" in Portugal and "farm" in Brazil
13-visited a few apartments for rent in the center
12-talked to real estate agents in Portuguese (almost)
11-had a fabulous dinner in a restaurant in Braga
10-were surprised like never before
9-had a panic attack
8-made a deal that didn't last
7-celebrated Christmas in Europe
6-were told the apartment we rented would be sold
5-used a bathroom in a hotel we were not staying at
4-went to Geres
3-replaced a steering column
2-received car parts from abroad
1-celebrated New Year in Braga
2019 - The best year of our lives so far...
31-stopped recording events for the rest of the year
30-paid ourselves
29-bought and used a chopper
28-used notary services
27-met a local translator
26-tried Moscatel (tastes best with bananas)
25-bought a mobile-friendly printer
24-had to call a plumber
23-had a flood from a water machine
22-went three days in a row without proper sleep
21-talked with Grandma via Skype
20-ordered from an unknown store something we couldn't find elsewhere
19-enjoyed dried plums together
18-saw a lot of jacarandas
17-visited Australian Embassy in Portugal
16-flew a drone above a tunnel
15-did something special
14-broke a coffee cup in a cafe
13-were woken up by the workers cleaning mold on the outside
12-shazamed three songs in a row
11-changed our mind to give a present
10-went to see mountains
9-watched a movie in a cinema lying on a sofa
8-innovated an egg recipe
7-saw how kiwi grew
6-discovered a power station nearby
5-bought sweet violet potatoes
4-photographed a platter
3-almost got into a car accident
2-ordered from an unknown store something we could find elsewhere
1-enjoyed dried plums together
30passed out before dark
29bought Nurofen
28found the way back home without a map
27took out trash before it started to smell
26fixed a stove by not doing anything at all
25opened the door to a Portuguese salesman
24felt like celebrities
23found a great accountant
22bought a myriad of colorful t-shirts
21went through police checks
20tried Ruby Port
19bought Nike shoes
18used WhatsApp
17extended our car rental
16had a sushi buffet
15ordered tools for Mavic
14tested an Alfa Romeo
13tested an Audi
12got on top of a mountain (896 alt) and tried Langoustine
11were interviewed in a podcast - woohoo!
10tested a BMW
9tested a Mazda
8were woken up at 3am by a strange woman who rang the door bell
7exchanged USD to EUR
6bought chocolate cookies for less than 1 Euro
5filled up a tank and used a napkin
4bought a coffee machine
3stopped worrying about not knowing the language
2got a colanhoe
1bought smell sticks
31-secretly followed another car
30-tried a whopper
29-inflated tyres at the gas station
28-got a pair of shoes one size smaller that fits
27-watched a blues concert in the first row
26-switched mobile operators
25-had a so-so day
24-went to Station Oriente
23-went back to the same store twice
22-discovered toras and castles
21-parked near Ferrari
20-found an apartment to rent
19-visited Braga
18-visited Guimaraes
17-were given a toothpaste in an Airbnb
16-tried red wine with chocolate flavors
15-made a burger with fried onions
14-used a foreign language to prove a point
13-were mentioned in a podcast
12-realized we shouldn’t have
11-trusted the government official
10-owned the highway like a boss
9-made a 24-hour trip on a rental
8-felt about not seeing the ocean for too long
7-felt proud in Portugal for doing good
6-felt lost
5-watched the recorded show on TV
4-agreed to meet with someone who never showed up
3-washed a wall with lemon and water
2-ordered Glovo
1-ordered Uber Eats
30-rode cable cars above Tagus
29-had a shrimp dinner
28-ordered two separate Starbucks drinks on one name
27-went wrong way with an Uber driver
26-went out to see an apartment for rent and never found it
25-bought two pairs of white shoes together
24-found out more about hubs and virtual offices
23-bought blue funky socks with pink flamingos
22-tried Fanta Maracuja
21-had a night strawl inside a protected condominium
20-had a bit of Burger King, KFC and local food at the same time
19-had a sad day
18-met a sunset at the beach
17-saw enormous waves in Nazaré
16-used toll roads
15-ordered king fish at the oceanfront in Ericeira
14-went to IKEA to buy presents
13-had to change airbnb because it was that bad
12-visited Setúbal
11-drove 30 min to a restaurant that was closed
10-went to an airport to meet’n’greet
9-forgot about making a record every day
8-tried burrata
7-had a Christmas dinner in Europe
6-saw Tour de Belem
5-made an appointment
4-visited a European hospital
3-had a ride in an old tram
2-sang a song in the morning together
1-woke up in 2019
2018 - The year we discovered beautilful Portugal
31-went to the Portuguese hospital
30-shopped for New Year’s Eve in Europe
29-tried to speak over the phone using Google Translate
28-got our apartment cleaned for us
27-flew our drone in Lisbon
26-saw an orange tree, a lemon tree and a mandarin tree growing next to each other
25-saw the Atlantic Ocean at night
24-celebrated Christmas in Europe
23-made our arms wet in the Tagus River
22-stood under Ponte 25 de Abril
21-got our NIFs
20-discovered a pera-melao
19-picked an orange from a tree
18-used Uber
17-forgot how to say “mince” in Portuguese
16-bought tulips in December
15-went back to Portugal and flew into Lisbon
14-went almost 40 hours without sleep
13-created an Apple ID
12-gave a gingerbread house as a present
11-enjoyed a beautiful warm and snowy winter
10-did a million things in one day
9-fixed the bathroom
8-had fun throwing things around
7-used 3 taxis in one day
6-bought six different sauces
5-met a neuro surgent
4-burnt 5 bags of stuff
3-sorted life-related docs
2-started reading Jack Canfield’s book “Think and Grow Rich”
1-realized how quick the time is thanks to this project
30-came up with an idea
29-felt what it was like to be in stress 24/7
28-felt confused about what had to be obvious
27-realized what panic means
26-had a martial law introduced in Ukraine
25-changed water filters in water supply of the apartment
24-got a fitness tracker
23-tried Masterpass
22-made roasted chicken, broccoli and carrot juice
21-tried naturally brewed apple cider
20-tried a 2D automated toothbrush
19-saw a squirrel on the tree right next to our window
18-made homemade khachapuri at home
17-didn’t know what to do
16-made hot chocolate with marshmallows (and we loved it)
15-smashed two eggs playing an egg winner
14-received two stars in one day in Duolingo
13-made corn pancakes
12-bought two sausage sticks, the size of a lower arm
11-posted a personal blog post
10-found out that it is better to study before going to bed
9-started the habit of learning a foreign language in the morning
8-tried mashed potatoes with sausage together
7-got on a yogurt mini-diet
6-broke the lens cover on our drone
5-got a bottom tooth pulled out 🙁
4-tried hincali
3-made pomegranate fresh juice
2-Vladi hurt his back
1-worked 20 hours non-stop
31-bought TWO bottles of wine
30-made aiwa jam
29-shot a semi-pro rifle
28-had an electric wiring burning inside our walls
27-uncovered black hat SEO ‘pros’
26-stopped learning React Native
25-got poisoned with vitamins
24-started learning React Native
23-experienced a temporary pigmentation
22-owned Google Forms
21-bought two TV-tuners.
20-did it again
19-went to a dentist together
18-started writing a full-scale business plan
17-were mentioned in a podcast
16-found out details about what T2 is
15-posted the #HelenaRecipesRewind video
14-created a video recipe
13-forgot all our problems because we were planning a trip from our Bucket List
12-took someone else’s car that broke down three times
11-decided to take someone else’s car to drive away from the city
10-danced in a hall
9-tried Airan
8-sweated in the rain
7-sneezed 5 times
6-added Nesquik to milk
5-cleaned a Canon 60D sensor
4-forgot to take off the gimball clamb off the drone
3-tried goji berries
2-made a pie with crab sticks
1-locked ourselves out of the house at night
30-made the right decision
29-visited a dentist in a bad mood
28-drove through new roads around the city
27-parked in a private underground parking
26-started a war with home ants
25-used a knife to crack a walnut
24-spent a night watching Sherlock
23-tried a hot smoked mackerel
22-had a business meeting
21-received 5 buckets of different berries
20-made a new type of Napoleon cake
19-received a bucket of cherries
18-talked to Zingtree team
17-checked out Trello
16-met a sunset at the bus stop
15-built and synced Google Calendar
14-checked out Zingtree
13-tried Turkish eggs
12-posted charcoal recipe on social media
11-made shakshuka right
10-read about Maslow
9-moved dentist appointment
8-made charcoal smoothie and charcoal cookies
7-fixed HelenaRecipes.com
6-broke HelenaRecipes.com
5-joined a sharing board on Pinterest
4-changed radiators
3-bought cornflower
2-published the dark photo
1-made a dark photo
31-bought and used ceramic kitchenware for dark photography
30-used a rustic background for a photo
29-learned advanced PHP
28-ate real honey cells
27-took a nap athwart the bed
26-saw a snake in strawberries at Grandma’s
25-saw a blue-aqua-violetish fire
24-forgot to make the record here
23-used foil to light up the scene better
22-trained outside
21-made our own kiwi ice cream
20-used a camera remote
19-broke a tooth over popcorn 🙂
18-set up a store on HelenaRecipes.com
17-found a powerhouse nearby
16-created LIL Creative Digital Agency logo
15-introduced LILCDAgency.com
14-made overhead food shots
13-sold location reviews
12-returned a pillow to the store
11-saw a positive thing in a negative event
10-took a Christmas tree out in the end of April
9-prepared marinade with honey and fresh oranges
8-made a homecooked laksa
7-used a Lego piece to decorate one of our dishes
6-discovered a Swissbeatbox YouTube channel
5-woke up early and did a 1-hour workout
4-tried a yoga app
3-set club rules
2-founded Duolingo club “Bom Dia”
1-started using Duolingo app
31-tried an Oreo cake
30-explored a nearby forest
29-found the way to get out of it
28-had a “great depression”
27-called a friend in China
26-had fun at the Athens airport
25-washed dishes enjoying Acropolis view from a kitchen window
24-celebrated Birthday in Athens
23-saw Parthenon and incredible sites of Athens
22-swam in the Aegean Sea
21-woke up in Athens
20-traveled to Athens, Greece
19-bought small suitcases for traveling
18-launched #FirstTimeWe project
27-stopped #FirstTimeWe beta
26-used roaming
25-had a nap in a Subway restaurant
24-met someone from Moldova
23-returned a rental car
22-visited Armacao de Pera and Lisbon
21-visited Lagos and Albufeira
20-visited Faro, Tavira and the Southern border with Spain
19-drove through half of Portugal to the South
18-visited Sintra and watched Netflix
17-visited Figueira da Foz and picked wild lemons in the garden
16-did nothing
15-explored the old city of Porto
14-parked in the center of Porto + tried Port
13-rented a car and tried Caldo Verde + Pastei de Nata
12-visited Portugal
11-received international driver’s licence add-ons
10-made a 2-types-of-wheat porridge
9-started #FirstTimeWe beta


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