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Receive up to 100% open rate on everything you send to your potential clients - no matter where they are and what device they are currently on.


Create chatbot & earn money when you sleep - by having your chatbot sell for you outside of your working hours - every day, every weekend, every year!


Save your money by automating customer support, general enquiries, feedbacks, complaints, location directions, sales orders, deliveries & more!

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Questions & Answers

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are an incredible piece of technology that will take over the world in no time. Chatbots are great because they work outside of your business's working hours serving your potential clients 24 hours 7 days a week. No weekends, no holidays, chatbots are workings machine that never stop generating revenue for you.


Chatbots can be built using Artificial Intelligence, which means that they have the ability to learn from the conversations they have with people and get better in answering tricky questions, understand emotions and do what they do best - sell, serve and support. Once the chatbot is set up it saves time and generates more leads that you can use to convert into your real clients.


Chatbots don't have emotions so they will never say anything outside of what you want them to say. On the contrary, chatbots can be made friendly and easygoing to help visitors feel like your business is exactly the place they were looking for. They can lead the visitors to make an order, ask a a question or just have a nice chat.

Where are chatbots used?

The chatbot can be integrated into various messengers such as Facebook Messenger, for example - right where billions of people spend most of their time. This is why you get up to 100% open rate of anything you share with your potential customers which is sky high compared to standard email marketing.

Email will very soon become a secondary means of communications with various messengers taking the hot spot. And you have the chance to be ahead of time by building your chatbot today!

LIL Creative Digital Agency is one of the first companies to offer chatbot development for a decent price and within a short period of time. We can create a chatbot, design its face and any supporting materials and teach it both linear and free conversations. Once the chatbot is built, we can integrate it into your Facebook page's Messenger, your website (chat option), Skype, Viber and many other platforms.

Contact our team now to learn more. We will be right there for you!

Chatbot versus Chat, Email & Calls

Now, imagine someone contacting you through your standard livechat form on your website. If you are not in the office or you don't have a dedicated person to answer the query straight away, the visitors are most likely to close your page and never come back to it. It's definitely the case on the weekend or during the holidays. You can try to collect their emails to get back to them later but very few visitors agree to leave any information behind.

If you have a connected chatbot to your page and to your Facebook Messenger, your chatbot will answer any questions the visitors might have. If the visitors persist on speaking to a human, that's when the magic happens. You will not lose a lead if you are not around because the visitors do not need to stay on the page. Both you and the chatbot will now be able to reach them on their Facebook Messenger - on their phone, laptop or any other device!

Meaning that even if they forgot the name of your company, went for a vacation and intentionally forgot their laptop, you wlil be able to remind them of you and answer their query by sending a direct message to their Facebook Messenger. And it doesn't even have to be you! Your chatbot can do everything you had to spend your time on before - how cool is that?!

Is it applicable to all industries, and can you build one for me?

Absolutely YES - to both questions! Chatbots will help sales companies to sell their products and services, law companies to get some preliminary information about their potential clients without spending any time. Chatbots help take-away restaurants, flower stores, book shops to sell and organize deliveries. They help NGOs to motivate their beneficiaries on a daily basis and all companies without exceptions to accept feedbacks, complaints and suggestions, help with locating the offices, understanding the working hours and… The opportunities are endless!

We can built such chatbot for you and your business and make sure it does exactly what you need it to do. And just like with any other service, we will make it quickly,  reliably and for a fair price.

Your chatbot will be the most intelligent chatbot on the market. Contact Us now to start or to ask any questions you might have. We are here to help you.

What is so special about LoveinLions and why do we choose you?

LIL Creative Digital Agency is a family busines taking on a limited amount of jobs putting quality over quantity. We put building fantastic business relations with our partners and clients on the first place.

We enjoy what we do and we do it professionaly and quickly, which is why our clients are our best reference. We are devoted to our clients' success and are not limited with tools to reach it.

Try us first and make your conclusions later. We promise that you will be satisfied - after all, everything we do we do with love.

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