Mar 08
Open Keynote in PowerPoint on Windows PC
Reading Time: 3 minutes.There are times when you need to open Keynote in PowerPoint on Windows PC. While you can't directly open such files on a PC in PowerPoint, there is an easy workaround that you can take.
Feb 22
Revolution Slider PHP 7 (7.1 & 7.2) Issue
Reading Time: 2 minutes.Ran into the Revolution Slider PHP 7 Issue? Oh no. And if your first thought of panic is to either stay with the old version of PHP or sacrifice the Revolution Slider, then read on. There is an easy fix for that.
YouTube No Longer Pays. Alternatives?
Reading Time: 2 minutes.YouTube no longer pays. Good news and bad news. Good news if you are a big YouTuber and bad news if you are not. I have just received a generic email from YouTube...
Nov 30
Upper Case in Google Sheets Using Formulas and JavaScript
Reading Time: 2 minutes.Just recently I ran into the need of applying upper case in Google Sheets.
Nov 20
What Is Facebook for Creators
Reading Time: 3 minutes.A few days ago Facebook launched a platform for live streaming videos for Creators. Many call it a long-awaited competition for YouTube but is it really so?
Nov 03
Dishes Delish Food Blog & GoodDeeds Chain
Reading Time: 2 minutes.This time we want to tell you more about Dishes Delish – the food blog run by the incredible couple – Elaine and her husband Christopher.
Oct 09
5 Brilliant Tips on How to Be Successful on Twitter
Reading Time: 2 minutes.Twitter is one of the best platforms to find like-minded people who will be following your business for more than just one day.
YouTube Emoji
Reading Time: 1 minute.This is a full list of the Emoji you can use in your YouTube videos. Just copy & paste them - it's that simple!
Aug 24
How to Get Medicare Entitlement Statement
Reading Time: 4 minutes.This is a step-by-step guide on how to get Medicare Entitlement Statement.