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YouTube No Longer Pays. Alternative?
Reading Time: 2 minutes.YouTube no longer pays. Good news and bad news. Good news if you are a big YouTuber and bad news if you are not. I have just received a generic email from YouTube...
Dec 14
Messenger Chatbots 🚀 – Future Is Here
Reading Time: 4 minutes.Chatbots are an incredible piece of technology that will take over the world in no time.
Nov 30
Upper Case in Google Sheets Using Formulas and JavaScript
Reading Time: 2 minutes.Just recently I ran into the need of applying upper case in Google Sheets.
Nov 20
What Is Facebook for Creators
Reading Time: 3 minutes.A few days ago Facebook launched a platform for live streaming videos for Creators. Many call it a long-awaited competition for YouTube but is it really so?
Nov 03
Dishes Delish Food Blog & GoodDeeds Chain
Reading Time: 2 minutes.This time we want to tell you more about Dishes Delish – the food blog run by the incredible couple – Elaine and her husband Christopher.
Oct 27
How Does Pinterest Work?
Reading Time: 3 minutes.Pinterest is a very tricky platform. Particularly if you want to be on top of the chart with your own vision.
Oct 24
4 Big Social Media Trends in 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes.If you are reading this it means that you have already started to think about 2018 an that means you are on your way to success - congratulations!
Oct 19
Collaboration & Participation in 3 Simple Steps!
Reading Time: 2 minutes.How often do you hear about participation or collaboration? Although this is very important and both terms are widely used across the Internet, many overlook it.
Oct 09
5 Brilliant Tips on How to Be Successful on Twitter
Reading Time: 2 minutes.Twitter is one of the best platforms to find like-minded people who will be following your business for more than just one day.
Sep 19
YouTube Emoji
Reading Time: 1 minute.This is a full list of the Emoji you can use in your YouTube videos. Just copy & paste them - it's that simple!
Aug 24
How to Get Medicare Entitlement Statement
Reading Time: 4 minutes.This is a step-by-step guide on how to get Medicare Entitlement Statement.