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The Beginning of Our Story - LIL Seal Closeup

The Beginning of Our Story

New Category – Dream Big Reach Far

Today we are starting a new blog category – Dream Big Reach Far. And this is our first post going in it.

If you ever find it later to check out where it all began – HIGH FIVE – we’ve been waiting for you here since 11 November 2018.

Where we come from, there is a tradition to pay respect to the year that is about to end before celebrating a new one. People believe that old years take all the bad with them. It is also a chance to say THANK YOU for all the good that happened.

I tend to agree with that… You? (there is a comment section below to reply ?)

Thainking back to 2018, a lot comes to mind. Although, ironically, most of it is lost in the mix of our memory salad.

With that said, there is one thing that we are absolutely sure about – this year has been special in many different ways. And above all, let’s consider it a beginning of our story.

P.S. Check out our #FirstTimeWe project and let us know what it is that YOU have done today for the first time in your life? Leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram: @LoveinLions.

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