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Who are LoveinLions?


Hello, salut and welcome! We are Vladi and Helena – a husband and a wife from a little town in Ukraine. throughout our life we lived in the USA, Europe, Australia and traveled to Africa (although there are many places in the world that we haven’t visited, yet).

We enjoy creating true and meaningful content, building websites, design and everything digital, and sharing stories and experiences online.

These are 101 facts about us. The list will grow gradually and will reveal some of our secrets. Consider subscribing to our vlog on YouTube for more inside stories. To stay tuned, get on the list of one of our e-newsletters and let us know you are out there 😉


21. We live by "Dream Big Reach Far"

20. We have a YouTube channel. Have you seen it yet? Please subscribe to stay tuned.

19. We won a 2-nights stay at The Westin Singapore Hotel, organized by DestinAsian Magazine - first time ever.

18. We pomised to have the 18th fact about Mary Pat - that's the fact.

17. It was cool to find out that Coldplay shot their A Sky Full of Stars video in Newtown.

16. One of us can take out eyewinkers.

15. One of the exciting trips that we had was to Morisset because we saw dozens of Eastern grey kangaroos. 

14. It wouldn't be a bad thing if the day lasted 48 hours - we would have time to do twice as much.

13. We are on a constant hunt for new experiences.

12. We love the music of Chris Rea, Julio Iglesias and Barry White.

11. We are self-taught in most of the stuff that we do these days.

10. We were once bitten by a giant white cockatoo...

9. Our two favourite cakes are "Turtle" and "Lady's Caprice".

8. We make coffee in our own way.

7. We are inspired by the beauty of the Sydney Opera House!

6. When we eat "Scotch Fingers", we first break each biscuit in two parts - that way it seems like we have twice as many of them.

5. Every this and that night we would watch a couple of early "Friends" episodes.

4. We would like to meet Al Pacino, Geoffrey Rush, Russel Crowe and Julia Roberts.

3. Some of the clothes that we are wearing in our videos were designed and handcrafted by us - they all have a LIL tag inside.

2. We love to eat DIY brekfasts.

1. The first time we saw kangaroos was in Canberra - Red kangaroos, 1am, near the War Memorial.